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Work is Essential to Achieve a Valuable Existence

We are an employment provider that offers an array of career-centered services for people with disabilities. We specialize in providing vocational supports that are tailored to the abilities of those seeking services through person-centered training and advocacy. WEAVE Solutions is funded by and works alongside the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, state Regional Centers, and the Federal Government to provide the best services possible.  

Our Services

WEAVE Solutions offers services in supported employment and financial management, centered in the foundation of Competitive Integrated Employment. We take pride in providing distinctive programs and training that cater to the abilities of every person seeking assistance with their vocational goals under the guidance of our passionate, driven, and educated Job Coaches and Developers. WEAVE Solutions strives to provide the highest quality of services that ensure the person receiving supports is at the forefront of the entire process. Our success is not determined by placing an individual at a job, but in working alongside that individual as they expand their vocational possibilities, grow their independence, and surpass their personal expectations.

Virtual Services are available

Supported Employment

Regardless of ability, accommodation needs, or severity of disability, Supported Employment aims to provide the necessary, ongoing supports to a person for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred or that has been interrupted or intermittent.

Assessments and Job Training

Keeping in mind the vocational desires of the person, this program provides hands-on assessments to help determine what jobs would be the best fit for each individual based on their skillset

Benefits Counseling

Many job seekers are deterred from work due to the loss of much needed financial resources from Social Security. With help from our CWIC-certified counseling, you’ll be able to navigate your vocational goals without worry.

Pre-ETS workshops

Provides students aged 14 to 22 with job readiness skills. Assists secondary education students with disabilities to transition from school directly into employment, or into postsecondary education, or training that will lead into employment.

Employment Supports

Enclave Services offers integrated work in local businesses for up to 3 people with continuous training and supervision by a WEAVE Solutions Job Coach. This service is appropriate for people who need more support and want to work between 4 to 6 hours per day. 

Job Devleopment

Job Development helps a job seeker with finding individual employment at local businesses. 

Job Coaching

You’ve found what you’re looking for vocationally but now you need some assistance in learning your company’s culture, your job duties, and other aspects at the job. Job Coaches can help.


Advocacy is an integral part of the employment process, whether a job seeker is getting back into work, is currently employed, or has never worked.

Number of People Served with Disibilities

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